Why Microsoft Copilot is a Game-Changer for Developers

TopNotch Insights – Why Microsoft Copilot is a Game-Changer for Developers

Here at TopNotch, we’re always keeping a close eye on cutting-edge tools that help developers optimize their work.

Today, let’s delve into Microsoft’s Copilot platform and the power-packed plugins it offers. Also, we’ll share a glimpse into why we think Microsoft 365 is currently one of the best choices for developers and how we leverage it in-house at TopNotch.

A Quick Rundown: What is Copilot?

Think back to when graphical user interfaces transformed computing.

Now, imagine that transformative power amplified with generative AI models. That’s where Microsoft’s Copilot enters the scene: It’s not about taking control away from humans, but amplifying human capabilities.

Instead of being drowned in the digital chaos of emails, meetings, and notifications, Copilot steps in to help us manage it effectively, making our day-to-day tech interaction feel more natural.


Why Microsoft 365 is a Top Choice at TopNotch Tech

Microsoft 365 products, including gems like Teams and Outlook, are leading the market in terms of productivity, communications, and collaboration solutions.

The addition of Copilot has further enriched this suite, bridging AI’s power with the vast data in Microsoft 365, amplifying productivity and creativity.

Now, here’s the kicker: Microsoft’s Copilot is now extensible with plugins, which turns this synergy of Microsoft platforms into a game-changing solution. It means that developers can amplify their Copilot with added functionalities tailored to specific needs.

This not only makes Copilot incredibly adaptable but also opens avenues for developers worldwide to contribute to this ecosystem.

Digging Deeper: Copilot’s Plugin Power

Microsoft and OpenAI have committed to growing the AI plugins ecosystem, establishing a standard that embraces both ChatGPT from OpenAI and various Copilot offerings. With these plugins, developers can amplify the AI capabilities, allowing for seamless interactions with other software and services’ APIs.

The plugins ecosystem for Copilot is diverse:

  • ChatGPT plugins: Integrating the prowess of OpenAI’s GPT.
  • Teams message extensions: These extensions further the power of Teams, already a favorite tool among 300 million active users.
  • Microsoft Power Platform connectors: Harness the existing tooling and skills to optimize Copilot.

What’s even more exciting is that Microsoft’s Copilot Early Access Program will feature plugins from top partners, ensuring that developers have a robust toolkit at their fingertips.

A Peek into Our In-House Practices at TopNotch Tech

At TopNotch, we’re always about efficiency and innovation.

The Teams Toolkit, for instance, enables us to create extensions that seamlessly integrate as plugins for Copilot. We can use APIs as described by the OpenAPI specification and swiftly integrate them with Copilot, ensuring our workflows remain streamlined.

Plus, with Adaptive Cards, customization becomes a breeze, allowing us to tweak the user experience to our exact requirements.

Beyond Copilot: The Power of Data with Semantic Index

Microsoft Graph remains a treasure trove of productivity, collaboration data, and more.

The recently announced Semantic Index for Copilot ensures that data is easily accessible, allowing for more personalized and actionable responses. Add to this the capability of accessing structured data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, and the potential is almost unlimited.


The integration of Copilot with Microsoft 365 has heralded a new era for developers. The extensibility offered, combined with the power of plugins, ensures a dynamic environment where innovation knows no bounds.

Are you as excited as we are? If you’re facing any challenges related to Microsoft 365, PowerPlatform, or Copilot, remember; our team of TopNotchers is always here to assist!

Reach out to us and let us be your copilot to navigate the tech landscape together!