Timesheet application

Timesheet Application

All companies these days need to keep track of employee’s working hours and keep track of what they did in those hours.

It is difficult to track these details in paper, Excel sheets or through monitoring, especially these days, most companies are making their employees work from home, so TOPNOTCH Team developed a  Timesheet Application to solve and facilitate the process of tracking.

Timesheet application

How can our Timesheet build app using Power Platform help you?

  • Timesheet helps the user to manage the daily employee working hours for each week.
  •  Each employee has a Timesheet that he can fill out based on what was done in the week and what project he Worked on, how many hours need daily to finish this project,
  •  At the end of each week after submitting the weekly hours by the employee, this Timesheet is sent to the manager to review it.
  • Help you in detecting and conducting statistics needed for your work.

Employee And Employer  experience using timesheet:

Employee can see all his Timesheets, including:

  • Pending
  • Submitted for Approval
  • Approved.
  • Rejected.

As below:

Timesheet application

 How can the employee and the employer use the app ?

  • Employee can complete his Timesheet for the current week (Pending Timesheet) Daily to organize the process of filling the Timesheet correctly, and each end of the week submit this Timesheet to his manager.

Timesheet application

  • The manager will be able to track the employees, their working hours, the projects they worked on, and he can accept or reject the Timesheet through the approval screen that allows the manager to approve or reject and track the employees’ weekly work.

How to use the Application?

  • Firstly:

         – Click on Approval icon on Home Page will navigate to

          My Team’s Pending Timesheets screen as below:

Timesheet application

  • Secondly:

  -Manager can approve or reject the Timesheet per week or per month together.

  • Per week:
  • Click on purple right arrow in items of dropdown,
  • Will navigate to screen shows the data of the week were clicked on

Timesheet application

  • Per Month:
  • Click on purple right arrow in head of dropdown,
  • will navigate to screen shows all the data of the month,

Timesheet application

Timesheet App can help you in statistics

We also have in the Timesheet Application, statistics about the hours of each employee, the projects he worked on, how much each project consumed hours, and these statistics may be monthly and yearly as well.

Timesheet application

Last but not least, we have in Timesheet Application The HR Timesheet Tracking to keep track of everything related to employees at work. Timesheet allows to HR, filter the data by(Employee, Works, Week, and Month).

Timesheet application

Timesheet Application can offer the solution to keep track of your employees, easily and quickly, TOPNOTCH Technology is ready to provide Timesheet Application for you and many more applications with solutions for your business professionally and mastery.