test studio in power apps

Test Studio in Power Apps

Test studio allows you to test your application, records every action you do, then tests it and makes sure it works correctly. 

 Testing the application is very important, before presenting it to the client, as you can from the beginning know the errors and avoid them if they exist in the following versions, thus allowing you to present the application to the client with high quality. The manual testing that we do may be sufficient, but as the size of the application increases, we may resort to a method or strategy 

 In the traditional method, testing can take a long time, especially if the application is large and has a lot of functions. If there is a new feature that you must test, you must start over. This is a problem when you test before release, and it also has problems and errors that occur during testing traditionally 

 Test studio it is a solution to this problem as it automates all the tests that you record, whether you manually write each action or perform it automatically by running the application, and save all the actions that you perform in the application in order to later conduct a test of the application faster and you do not need to perform the experiment. Traditional again  

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Test Studio Terminology: 

 Test cases:  Test cases consist of steps and instructions that you take in order to verify that your application or a specific function in your application works as you want. For example, in a sales application, you want to ensure that the process of making a report for a product in the application works correctly and as expected. 

 Test suites:  It is used to organize test cases or group them together, as the test cases increase, you need to organize and divide them. For example, if you have a set of tests that verify the possibility of creating a new employment request, we put all these tests in one group, and so on. 

 Test cases are run in more than one group depending on the required scenario. For example, if you have a test case that ends at screen number 3, the next case will start running from screen number 3. Thus, it allows you to divide your test cases into several scenarios if your application is complex. 

Working with Test Studio 

  1. Sign into Power Apps. 
  2. Create a new app or edit current app. 
  3. Save your app to Open your Test Studio. 
  4. Choose Advanced tools in the left nav in Power apps. 
  5. Choose Open test to open the (Test Studio) for this app. 

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Create a test suite 

 1-Choose New suite. 

2-Change the Test suite name and description by Select the fields on the main grids. 

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Record a test case 

 Test cases consist of several steps. You can write each step using expressions approved for Power app, but you can dispense with this method and use the recording to create the experiment steps automatically. After recording, you can delete or add a specific step and verify it. 

 1-Select Record from the top menu. This action opens the published app with recording mode in a new browser tab. 

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  Test Studio is a method approved by Microsoft to conduct multiple test cases for your application in Power App, in order to verify and thus raise the quality of the application and ensure that no errors or problems that you may encounter in the future will occur. Testing is an important part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) 

Therefore, it found this technology in order to conduct tests and automate test cases in an automatic manner without referring to the traditional methods of conducting the test individually. This causes errors sometimes and also requires a lot of time. As we know, in large and complex applications, we need to conduct test cases in a quick manner before publishing any A new version for the client and to ensure that the application works as expected 

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