Emails to Actionable Items using Power Automate

Emails to Actionable Items using Power Automate

Power Automate, formerly Microsoft Flow, is an online tool within the Microsoft 365 applications and add-ins, used for the creation of automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, and collect data.

Power Automate gives us a lot of features of emails that make us able to do actionable stuff, this post will focus on emails to actionable items in Power Automate.

Actionable items are used to improve the plans, improve the processes, and improve the results. To be actionable, you should be able to use that information and get key business processes, and surely all of these are available in Power Automate.

For Example:

This example shows a Power Automate flow that the TopNotch team built for one of the companies which receive orders from customers via emails and each employee has to read the email to categorize it. Get the information from the email to save it to a list on SharePoint and then take a certain action. If this process was manual will take the most of the time and effort of the employee, so this flow to reduce the time and effort and improve the result.

The flow will be triggered when a new email arrives in the inbox for the specific mail address, then depends on the condition if the body of the email contains a certain code to classify it to orders. Create the SharePoint record in the same flow automatically by using SharePoint Create Item. Add attachment actions to save the information and attachments (can save the same email as an attachment by putting inside the content field the body of the email after exporting it, also to save the attachments received via email properly must use the base64ToBinary function) in the SharePoint list as well as employee actions Like a status change, this means that the employee’s work starts from SharePoint list.

There are more cases in this regard.