Document Archive System with Power Platform

Document Archive System with Power Platform

Facing challenges in file archiving and team synergy? Dive into how TopNotch Technology leveraged Microsoft Power Platform to revolutionize archiving processes, ensuring seamless collaboration and robust security.

Archiving several files from multiple departments within a business organization could be a daunting task. The existence of a large team is not a problem, but the ability to work in synergy without excessive stress requires technology innovation.

As certified Microsoft solution professionals at TopNotch Technology, we build solutions from ideation to utilization points. Recently, we concluded a very outstanding solution using Microsoft Power Platform for one of our clients. Below is a detailed overview of the solution we offered:

The Challenge

Within the working environment:

  • Every user has an independent search folder, and they archive copies of files without any access for other team members to easily track such files.
  • Each user does not have proper tagging and metadata management of each file archive.
  • There was no security control of access offered to different categories of users of files archive.
  • Any user with file access can misuse and share them abruptly.

The Solution with Power Platform

We provided a comprehensive solution using some components of Power Platform, such as;

  1. Power App for the front end.
  2. Power Automate for the business apotheosis.
  3. SharePoint library for the repository for the files.

The Main Features

The solution provides the following outcomes:

  • Multi-archive folder supports.
  • Dynamic metadata and tags.
  • Advanced search and sorting criteria.
  • Browser for opening and previewing files.
  • Capacity to attach and send files.
  • Capacity to download documents.
  • Security control of access and usage of folders.
  • Application of standard Office 365 License.
  • Multi-archive folder supports.

Solution Walkthrough

Dcoument Archive Solution using Power Platform
<strong>The application enables detailed metadata for easy archiving<strong>
Dcoument Archive Solution using Power Platform
<strong>There is very detailed documentation for help guide on the application<strong>
Dcoument Archive Solution using Power Platform
<strong>It is very easy to upload files for other users within the application<strong>
Dcoument Archive Solution using Power Platform
<strong>All the users on the application can add their individual identity with secured access<strong>
Dcoument Archive Solution using Power Platform
<strong>It is possible for users to archive multiple folders over time on the application<strong>
Dcoument Archive Solution using Power Platform
<strong>There is absolute ease of emails exchange send and receive among users<strong>
<strong>Users can adopt metadata and tags as appropriate to their portfolios<strong>
<strong>Advanced search and sorting criteria are very seamless on the application<strong>
<strong>The application allows users to download and send files with appropriate segmentation<strong>
<strong>All users to preview the details of each file seamlessly<strong>

The Benefits

Now, the customer has a single platform to properly manage all the files, with appropriate metadata and tagging structure. The platform is equipped with proper security. This application can be extended to include additional features like document approval, document OCR, extracting data from PDF, and generating documents on PDF.

Our team successfully built this application built with expertise in Microsoft Power Platforms – using Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint Library. Solutions can be deployed to any Office 365 Tenant within less than a day with your own archive folder setup, get in touch to have a demo

At TopNotch Technology, our wealth of experience in providing creative business solution will simplify your business operations. We have certifications in providing solution with Microsoft’s Power Platforms, like Power AppsPower AutomateSharePoint and other products.